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Introducing TRY before you BUY!

posted by Kevin House on

We're excited to have been accepted as an early partner for the new 'Pay later with Klarna' payment service (alongside such names as ASOS and Topshop, so we're quite flattered. If you've not heard of Klarna yet, you might as least recognise their melting ice cream ad above).


The concept is pretty simple - we send you things to try on at home and you only pay once you've decided to keep them. If you return them, you never pay. There's no messing with excessive up-front payments, or risk that you pay and we don't deliver, and you don't even have to worry about refunds if you don't like things - because you don't pay until you do.



  1. add items you'd like to try to your basket
  2. use the normal checkout process but choose 'Pay later with Klarna' as your payment option. (You won't be asked for any payment details)
  3. we send you the items you've selected
  4. you have 14 days to try them on and decide which to keep
  5. return the ones you don't want (we'll pay, and that's simple too)
  6. Klarna will invoice you for the items you chose to keep


Klarna provides the payment and credit service for us (much like Paypal or other payment handlers do). When you provide your name and address they do a simple credit check to confirm that they are happy to give you the credit you've asked for. There's no mark on your credit record for this check. If they are happy to offer you credit then the 'Pay later with Klarna' option appears and you won't have to enter any card details. If they're not happy, the option won't appear but you can still choose to use our other payment options.

Butikku has no involvement in the credit service, it is Klarna that manages it and Klarna that will bill you if you do decide to keep something. Butikku takes care of sending you what you ordered and handling any returns, Klarna takes care of the money.

If you've any questions please feel free to contact us, or you can look at Klarna's Customer Services pages. 


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