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Our place or yours? Private appointments available

posted by Kevin House on

We don't have any popups lined up at the moment, so we're again happy to offer private appointments to our customers.

To make things even more convenient, we're now able to offer two choices -

  • appointments at 'our place'
  • appointments at 'your place'

Our place

We're happy to be able to invite you to view our collection at our home/atelier/office in Warlock Road, Maida Vale, W9.

Appointments are possible 7 days a week, between the hours of 9am to 9pm.

We're happy to host individuals or small groups up to 3 or 4 people.

There is a selection of convenient parking in Warlock Road itself and neighbouring streets, including metered and free out-of-hours spaces.

If you'd like to visit, please get in touch.

Your place

We're also now able to offer private appointments at your home or office. We don't have a specific geographic coverage, but if you're within a 'reasonable' distance of London W9 then we'll be happy to consider it.

For individuals:

We're happy to bring a small selection of items to your location for you to see and try. We ask that you have a look through the website and make a note of items of particular interest. Then contact us to let us know what interests you and to arrange appointment details. We'll bring the items you've chosen plus a selection of other things that we think might interest and suit you.

(If you like, you could create an account and add items to your 'shopping bag' to build your own selection, and then let us know that you've done that. You don't need to complete the order online - we should be able to see what's in your shopping bag once you contact us.)

For groups:

If you can get together a small group of interested people, then we'll be able to bring a much broader selection of items (potentially even 'the whole store').

For businesses (or societies etc.) we're even able to offer a 'full day' onsite sale.

Whatever you're thinking, it's probably easiest that you contact us to explore options.

Other details

We'll do our utmost to be as accommodating of your requests as we can, but there may be limitations around timing, parking/access etc. that we'll need to consider on each occasion. It's best just to get in touch and we'll figure things out with you.

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