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Japan’s wild, creative Harajuku street style is dead. Long live Japanese style

posted by Butikku Admin on

Quartz magazine recently published an interesting article on the closure of leading Japanese street fashion magazine FRUiTS, following their acceptance that the world famous Harajuku-centric street fashion culture simply isn't what it once was. Quartz talks with FRUiTS founder Shoichi Aoki and photographer Daphne Mohajer about the change in youth fashion and the evolution of fashion retail in Harajuku - “People wear a lot less vintage, there is less of a sense of eclecticism and much more mainstream fast fashion,” Mohajer says. “They look good, but they look familiar.” That’s not to say that Tokyo, and Harajuku specifically, has lost its sense of style. Creative fashion is still more part of the culture in Japan than, say, in the US, and...

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