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Vegan or vegetarian? Love Japanese food? then read on... banner

Vegan or vegetarian? Love Japanese food? then read on...

posted by Butikku Admin on

I love Japanese food. But then who doesn't? (OK I've heard that some people don't, but I simply have to conclude that they are wrong :-) ).

But what if you love Japanese food and are vegetarian or even vegan? I've heard many people comment on how difficult it can be to find vegetarian/vegan restaurants in Japan, despite the wealth of amazing food options.

chia seed dessert

Our friend 'Tokyopony', a self-proclaimed 'lover of all things Japanese', had exactly this problem when she first visited Japan a few years ago. But inspired by her visit, she has spent the last few years at home developing her own cooking skills, to create an enormous variety of amazing Japanese-inspired vegan dishes. Since 2013 she has been sharing pictures and brief notes about her recipes on her Instagram feed (@tokypony) - just looking at them is enough to make you hungry.

vegan rice burger

More importantly it's an amazing source of inspiration for any vegans/vegetarians who would like to make Japanese food themselves. And tokyopony has just taken a major step towards making it even better for you; this weekend she has at last launched her very own website and blog - So now you can browse and search for recipes and find more details on how to cook these amazing dishes yourself.

I highly recommend that you check out both the Instagram and the blog - even if only to see the beautiful pictures that she posts every day of her latest creations. But you'll also find recipe tips, reviews and comments, especially helpful if you're planning on visiting Japan.

japanese food - vegan

I hope that one day we'll be able to include a tokyopony vegan cafe within a Butikku Japanese lifestyle store. It's something we're trying to figure out how to do.

Do let us know if you like the idea, and in the meantime be sure to check out tokyopony's own site.


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