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"Divka" is a design team established by two creators in 2011, based in Tokyo.

We are developing projects beyond fashion. We are simply thinking to create "mode" and clothes; our basic attitude is believing the power of beauty, inserting the adjective  "beautiful" before the word "new" through our individual point of view. Our aim is to create what people feel as beauty by intuition that impresses upon their mind strongly to convey our thoughts.

designer - Takayuki Tanaka

Before starting the label, Divka's designer started his career working with designers like John Galliano and Miki Fukai. Tanaka graduated fromthe prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, gaining a BA in Fashion with first class honors in 2006. He was selected as a finalist for the C & W / H & B student fashion award in 2004, and then won the award in 2005. A year later, Tanaka was selected as a finalist for the international "ITS # 5" competition.

pattern cutter - Motoyuki Matausmoto

Divka's pattern cutter, a graduate of the Tokyo's famous Bunka Fashion University, has worked for several designer labels as well as presenting his own collection at fashion exhibitions. After graduating in 2009, he has worked as a freelance pattern cutters as well as serving as Divka's pattern cutter.