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Nearos by Latreia

NEAROS by LATREIA is a diffusion collection by top jeweller Mana Matsuzaki.

NEAROS’s inspiration comes from “vestiges of life”. Bones, claws and tusks, fundamental in shaping lives, eventually become fossils, surviving after dissolution of the flesh. It seems like a mystery of time and space dwelling in life, and those forms speaks to us - the distant memories. NEAROS pursues not just the superficial beauty of jewellery, but the primordial meaning of jewellery under such inspiration.

Mana's reputation continues to grow internationally and besides numerous appearances in top magazines, she has also been featured in two books by highly-regarded critics:

  • Ryo Yamaguchi, a former board member of MIKIMOTO and a leading jewelry critic in Japan, published “Top Jewellers of Japan” a few years ago, with Mana featuring prominently and achieving the distinction of being the youngest jeweller in the selection. (Mana's work was selected as the cover image in the recent Chinese publication of the book).
  • In September 2016, Mana was the only Japanese designer selected for inclusion in Olivier Dupon' book 'Fine Jewlry Couture: Contemporary Heirlooms' (Thames&Hudson), which presents his selection of the the most visionary jewellers in the world today. Mana's work was also selected as the primary promotional image by the publisher.