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A brief word about our clothes

When we mention that we sell Japanese clothes we often get responses like -

  • "So you sell Kimonos", or
  • "So you sell clothes for Japanese people", or our favourite
  • "So nothing will fit me then".

Since these are common misconceptions, we thought we should perhaps clarify a little about what we sell:

We select individual items of contemporary womenswear from a host of leading Japanese designers. We do not sell traditional or traditional-styled garments.

We are 100% independent and not tied to any brand, and we hand-pick only items that we love, although we often buy a selection from our favourite brands season after season .

For most garments we can offer a variety of sizes, which are broadly equivalent to about UK6 to UK12. Many item styles are 'over-sized' or 'one size' and it's not unusual for women who typically wear UK16 or larger to love the fit of some of our garments, which may even nominally claim to be a UK10! We try to give guidance on this in the notes for each garment.

Some of our designers mainly target Japanese customers but many are also aiming at international markets too. So although our clothes do generally work very well for petite or shorter customers, the majority will also suit tall customers.

The model we're using on our website is 5'11" so you can see clearly how the clothes fit on somebody tall.

(When we're choosing our collection we deliberately pick items that are more flexible fitting-wise and likely to suit western figures an sizes. Of course, if something doesn't quite fit how you expect then you can return it for no cost. If you are very tall, you may wish to consider how you feel about the height of the hemline for some dresses and for a few of the more tailored/structured closely-fitted dresses you might also consider the waist height, though this is only rarely a problem.)