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About Aula

Brand concept

Aura (AULA as it spelled in Japanese) means “radiant light”in Latin and is also commonly known as an intangible quality that surrounds a person or thing.

The Aula line was originally designed for a global audience and was launched and shown in Paris (where it was exhibited for nine consecutive seasons) before being launched in Japan during 2012. Aula was one of the first brands discovered and selected by Butikku when we started out and has remained a firm favourite for us, and more importantly for our customers, ever since.

Yukimi Kawashima's design captures the intangible by utilising the finest materials and contrasting a fragile and delicate pattern with strongly edged detail work. The results can best be described as a unique style and feeling - “AULA”.

Designer Kawashima's new line is made especially for women who have flexible senses towards fashion.

About the designer - Yukimi Kawashima

Yukimi is the founder and CEO of CODE.9 Inc. and designer of AULA and AULA AILA.

(you can find her official blog at

Career highlights:

At the same time as entering Japanese university, Yukimi also started learning pattern-making at the Osaka Mode Gakuen. After graduating from university, she proceeded with a fashion designer course at the Osaka Mode Gakuen, and soon after won first prize in women’s fashion at the inter-college design contest.

Joined a major fashion apparel company in Japan as a pattern-maker, progressing to a designer position.
Joined PAL Co. Ltd., a leading fashion apparel company, as chief producer of a multi-brand fashion store. Directed the total merchandising / store design / design of the store's own original label / store operation.
Launched AULA AILA collection under a Japanese apparel company Mercury Design Inc.
Founded own company, CODE 9 Inc., and succeeded AULA AILA operation.
Opened “DraSTic” store, her first direct-operated store, in Nakameguro Tokyo.
From FW collection, exhibited at the fashion trade show “TRANOI” in Paris
Got an editorial in FIGARO Paris.
Featured in the Japanese TV program “World business satellite”.
Invited to the special event at Colette, Paris.
Started world wide distribution to USA, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong etc.
Started a new line “AULA”, a higher-end collection line of AULA AILA.
From SS season, joined the leading fashion trade show “TRANOI” in Paris as “AULA” (and continued every season thereafter).
Apppointed as a special lecturer of the Mode Gakuen.
Won a‘Big Mac’prize of the Mode Gakuen.
In October, held a 2015 SS Exhibition of“AULA”in RYODAN SHOWROOM Paris.
In February, joined “New York Fashion Week 2015FW” with a show at the Lincoln Center.
In March, held a 2015 FW Exhibition of “AULA” in RYODAN SHOWROOM Paris.
In October, joined “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo 2016SS” with a show at The Garden hall.
In November, joined “HONOLULU Fashion Week 2015” with a show at the Convention Center.