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About Butikku

What We Do

Quite simply, we sell a hand-picked selection of contemporary Japanese womenswear from many of Japan’s leading designers.

How We Do It

We deal directly with a host of leading Japanese designers (we've lost count of just how many we deal with). We visit their shows, exhibitions and workshops in Tokyo each season to seek out items which combine timeless style with highest quality materials and construction. We're always looking for ‘something different’.

We offer a broad range of styles, but in strictly limited quantities. Typically we buy just 3 or 4 of one style, sometimes just 1 if it’s something very special that we really want to offer. Each garment is made for our order and once they're sold there will be no more.

We sell directly to our customers, either via our website or in our own popup shops, which we run as often as we can.

We produce all photos and descriptions (and other information including marketing) ourselves, so we know it’s as honest and straightforward as it can be.

We work hard to keep costs down to offer the best possible price to our customers. Typically, other UK boutiques would charge about 33%-50% more than us. We achieve this by focusing on one thing, Japanese design, and by managing everything ourselves (there are no ‘middle men’). We hope to make Japanese design more accessible in the UK and Europe, which is good for you, for our designers, and for us.

Our Philosophy

Back when we were starting out, we were inspired by a quote from Coco Chanel, which so neatly encapsulated our own philosophy. We still live by it, and we heartily recommend it to you too:

always be different