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Orders, Deliveries And Returns

NOTE - we offer free deliveries and returns in the UK as standard.

We hope that our website features are fairly straightforward to use, so we haven’t given detailed instructions here. Please contact us if you do have any difficulties though.

Below is a brief guide to some key points about orders, deliveries and returns. Please see our terms and conditions for the formal position.

About Orders


We encourage you to register because it makes things simpler: it's easier for you to keep an eye on your order progression, to manage a return if you need to, or to place further orders in future. We don't use registration as an excuse to spam you: We will only contact you in relation to your order, unless you choose to sign up for the newsletter too (which is entirely optional)

Order Types

We offer two types of order – stock items and made-to-order items. Here’s a brief explanation of the difference:

Stock Items

At present, all of our clothing items are sold from stock. We purchase a strictly-limited quantity of each item at the start of the season and typically we cannot order any further stocks. So it’s a good idea to buy early, before we sell out.

Some non-clothing items (e.g. purses) may also be held in stock.

Made-To-Order Items

We do not hold stocks of these items in the UK - when you order, we forward your specific requirement (e.g. type, size, colour) to our supplier and an item is made especially for you.

Many of our accessories, especially jewellery items, are made to order. (Other items might also be made to order – this will be made clear in the order process).  See 'delivery' below for more details on timing.


Additional Notes For Ordering Rings

Our rings are specified for size using the standard UK sizing system – represented by letters A-Z.

Most of our rings are made-to-order in the specific size (and sometimes colour) you require, but a few are held in stock. Each type is clearly identified in the ordering process.

In either case, we offer two ways to confirm the size you want (which is extremely important for made-to-order rings, which are non-returnable)

If you are confident of your ring size (e.g. you have had your finger measured by a jeweller) you can simply select the size you require when you add/order the product.

If you are not sure of your ring size simply select ‘I don’t know what size’ from the drop-down list and proceed with your order as normal. Once we receive the order we will post you a simple to use ‘multisizer’ ring sizing gauge.You can use the multisizer to measure your finger and then simply email us with your order reference and your choice of size. We then proceed with the order as normal.


Checkout And Payment

Payment Choices

At the moment we offer payment via Shopify. Shopify provides a simple, reliable and safe service: we never see your card details and you can rely upon Shopify's highly secure service.

We will look to add further options in future, so if you would prefer to pay by other means, please tell us what you want.


Order Processing Time

For items we hold in stock (clothing and some accessories), we will normally process your order and despatch the items on the following day. 

For made-to-order items, the manufacturing time varies. Typically it will take around 3-4 weeks for an item to be made and shipped to the UK. As soon as we receive it, we do a quality check and despatch it to you the same or following day. We will do our best to inform you of expected delivery date following your order and will also notify you of progress or any changes to expected dates.

Shipping Times

As a special offer we are currently offering free ‘standard’ delivery in the UK on all orders. Standard delivery will typically take between 2-5 days.

For international shipping our standard offering may take longer, but we'll do our best to notify you of the expected delivery date once we confirm your order.

If you require something more urgently, please contact us.

In future we will offer more delivery alternatives, but please tell us what you want.


For Unsuitable Items

if you have ordered a stock item - we are happy to accept returns and provide a full refund, if you notify us within 14 days of receipt. Please contact us as soon as you can and we will send you details of how to return the item and receive your refund. We cannot accept returns if we are not notified within this timeframe.

If you have ordered a made-to-order item - we’re very sorry, but we cannot accept returns for made to order items unless there is a manufacturing fault or we have sent you an incorrect item.

For Faulty Items

If you have an item which is faulty when you receive it, or develops a problem later (but which you believe is due to a manufacturing fault), please contact us as soon as you can and we will do our best to remedy this for you.


Please see terms and conditions for further details