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We know it can be hard to work out what size to order, and since our clothes are from Japan we understand that you won't be familiar with the sizing schemes used. We're working on ways to make things simpler for you, and you'll see the sizing information on each product gradually becoming more sophisticated over time, as we get more feedback from our customers. Not all of the information described below will be included for all products at first. So while we're working on this, or if you're just not sure about sizing, please do not hesitate to contact us with any query about an item. It would help if you tell us your own measurements (see below).


Japanese designers use a variety of  sizing schemes - 'S/M/L', '0/1/2', '5/6/7/8' and some even use US, French or Italian sizes. We list the sizes that the original designer or manufacturer uses, for consistency, but we offer some alternative ways to help you choose the right size for you.

  1. we put an indicative UK size (or range) against each Japanese size on the pull-down size selection. This can only ever be approximate since there is no real standard or consistency for sizing definitions even between brands in the UK.
  2. we list the key dimensions of the item itself for each garment size (e.g. bust, waist, length etc.) so you can compare to your own measurements. It is important to note that these are the measurements of the actual item, so for example a ‘size 38’ dress will most likely have smaller actual measurements than a ‘size 38’ overcoat – the larger the measurement the looser the fit.
  3. we also try to offer a guide from our own observations as to how the item compares with a ‘typical’ item of this size. It’s hard to be explicit here, but we do our best

Note that some of our items are described by the designers as 'freesize' or 'one size', meaning that they are versatile and will work for a broad range of body sizes, which will be included in the above details.

Measuring Yourself

If you need to measure yourself and aren't sure how, then please use the picture on the right and matching guide below.

1 SLEEVE LENGTH - Measure from tip of your shoulder to where the wrist joins the hand

2 BUST - Measure around the fullest part and across your shoulder blades

3 WAIST - Measure the slimmest part of your natural waistline

4 HIP - Measure the widest part (at the top of your legs)

5 INSIDE LEG - Measure from top of inside your leg at the crotch to the ankle bone



A brief note on our range of sizes

Japanese designers and brands tend to focus on smaller sizes, reflecting the Japanese population. This does limit the range of sizes available to us to buy, so many of our items are only available in sizes up to an equivalent of about UK 12. But many items are 'oversized' or very loose and quite a few items are ‘freesize’. So in many cases they will be very suitable for women who may more typically wear 14 or 16 in UK brands. (Please see the size & fit sections for guidance in the case of each style).

If you find you're a little restricted on choice at the moment, please do tell us about it, and about what you'd like. We will be able to increase our range of items in larger sizes over time - by influencing our brands/suppliers - but inevitably it all depends on demand, so please make your voice heard and tell us what you want.


Most of our rings are made especially for you, when you order (also described in this website as ‘made to order’ or ‘specified’). Fortunately, ring sizes are well-defined in the UK (unlike clothing), so you can simply specify your choice using standard UK sizes (A-Z) and our Japanese jewellers will make them to suit you. You can get your finger measured for free in most jewellery shops. We also offer an easy-to-use self-measuring tool completely free. If you'd like us to send one of these, please contact us.

Further information on ordering rings is included in the orders page.