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'frill' handmade leather handbag

'frill' handmade leather handbag

by Tortoago



Tortoago bags are hand-made to order, allowing you to choose your own combination of colours from a large palette. (The photographs are just examples of prior orders.)

The bags are fabricated personally by designer Ohisa san - every cut and every stitch is by his own hand. His dedication to his craft results in an exemplary quality but also means that availability is extremely limited. When you buy from Tortoago you will have something both exquisite and truly exclusive.

The 'frill' bag features an exclusive strap (constructed of chain interwoven with leather) that can be reconfigured to allow 3 modes -

  • Shoulder strap
  • Short strap (chain doubles up on each side)
  • Clutch (with strap removed and frill re-attached)

Dimensions - medium size - W: YYcm H: YYcm D: YYcm.

Made in Japan

IMPORTANT NOTE: since each bag is handmade by the designer himself, only a very small number can be produced each year and there is typically a waiting list of several months. When you place an order we will contact you to establish your precise preferences for colour/finish. We will then liaise with Ohisa san to establish his best estimate for delivery date and confirm this is acceptable to you.